Meet Woodgrove locals
Woodgrove locals Molly, Laura and Kenneth
Introducing our local style icons - Molly, Laura and Kenneth

It's summer. The season when our community springs back into life, into a world filled with new possibilities. This summer, we are celebrating the people who make our communities what they are, sharing their stories, their lives and their style.

Meet the locals - Molly
Say hello to Molly Kirkman, a support worker and mother of two beautiful children. 👋 Between Molly’s rewarding work and looking after her children, she also runs a successful Instagram account, @the_kirks_crazy_life_ where she shares her travel adventures and memories that she makes with her family. As a local, Woodgrove is Molly’s destination for all her shopping needs. “I love the different store varieties. I know I will always find what I am looking for. I also love how friendly and helpful the staff are, as it helps set the tone.”
Meet the locals | Molly | Our Style Our Way 2022
Meet the locals - Laura
Introducing Laura Rees, a Melton local since birth and a mum of three beautiful children. 👋 You may know Laura as a talented hairdresser, however, one year ago she decided to open a smoothie bar, Melton City Nutrition, enabling her to further connect with the community. Embracing her passion for the local community, Laura is also involved with other community groups such as the Country Fire Authority—what a woman! What Laura loves most about the local look is the fact that “we have such a great diversity of cultures that brings a range of different fashion styles from the corporate businessperson to the active sportsperson.”
Meet the locals | Laura| Our Style Our Way 2022
Meet the locals - Kenneth
Meet Kenneth Edralin, or ‘Kenny’ as he prefers to be called, who is taking part in the Woodgrove ‘Our Style, Our Way’ fashion campaign. 👋 Kenny is a man of many talents—by day he works in finance and outside of hours, he has built an extensive modelling portfolio. When Kenny has down-time, he loves to head out and watch live bands, meet people, and master new languages. When asked to describe the local look, Kenny says, “We are very approachable and casual in this area. You will see a lot of people in t-shirts, shorts and denim.”
Meet the locals |Kenneth | Our Style Our Way 2022